About Our Podcast

It all started with a question.

"What if we did a podcast?"


When Ashley Norton and Edward Williams decided to start their own podcast almost two years ago, the idea was to catalog and share stories from the road – their own and the countless others of performing artists across the world. Finally in 2020, the podcast dream materialized in the midst of one of the most challenging times facing the world – the COVID-19 pandemic.

Faced with overcoming the obstacle of living in different states, the duo decided to work with several pieces of software to create a livestreamed podcast that gives listeners a peek into how it’s made, incorporating interactivity into the normally disconnected format and giving the audience a new perspective on the podcasting experience.

Crimes Against Folk, a storyteller and song podcast, features stories from the 6 years of touring from Ash and Ed, together with guest appearances from performers and luminaries in various industries. Rounding out the podcast are tips and tricks from the hosts to provide creators with valuable information to further their careers.

Your Hosts

Ashley Norton


Ashley Norton is a California-based songwriter, musician, and lifestyle influencer. More popularly known as the Vagabond Voice, Ashley has been performing and touring for the better part of 20 years, and has considerable experience in performance, tour booking and logistics, and social media marketing.

Edward Williams


Edward Williams is an Arizona-based multi-instrumentalist and songwriter who has been performing for over 15 years. Skilled in audio production and internet technologies, Edward handles most of the technical backbone of the podcast and has experience in recording and producing music.

We use the following products to make Crimes Against Folk happen: