Crimes Against Folk Podcast
Crimes Against Folk Podcast
Concerts, The Cosmos, And You (Mitchell Manburg)

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Today we speak with Bay Area musician, songwriter, and instructor Mitchell Manburg about his journey as a newly-minted solo artist, his new EP, and much more!

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Show ‘n Tell – Ash Photo:

Ashley and Edward standing on the dock of a canal in front of a red tour boat.
Ash and Ed about to embark on a boat tour of the canals in Amsterdam, NL

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  1. Interesting show. The discussion about making music during the pandemic, and where music goes from here, was very interesting and thought-provoking. I liked Mitchell’s song at the end. I’ll definitely have to check out his music.

    Re house concerts I think those will take some time to come back, at least as long as the virus continues to surge periodically.

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