House Concerts, Cologne, And You (Silvia Legat)
Crimes Against Folk Podcast

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Segment 1: Greetings and chat

  • Fires
  • Meiko’s Birthday!
  • Curtis’s Birthday!

SEGMENT 2: Silvia Legat

  • Live Call
    • Story
    • House concerts
    • Socials

Find Silvia at

SEGMENT 3: WW Vid – Coverflip Part Of Your World:

SEGMENT 4: Show ‘n Tell – Ash Photo

Two women smiling at the camera with a man waving in the background
Ash with our good friends Erica Sunshine Lee and David Connolly in Cologne, Germany!

SEGMENT 5: TIPS & TRICKS: Ash & Ed – House Concerts

Segment 6: Q&A: 

  • What is the minimum attendance you would need, based on $10/person, to make it worth coming to the location?

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