Livestreaming, Primm, And You (Lisa Sanders)
Crimes Against Folk Podcast

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Segment 1: Greetings and chat

SEGMENT 2: Show ‘n Tell – Ed Photo

Two men and two women smiling on a set in front of a microphone.
Whitherward with Brad Perry appearing on AZ Daily Mix

Watch more of AZ Daily Mix on YouTube:

SEGMENT 3: WW Vid – Primm:

Segment 4: Lisa Sanders

  • Story
  • Live Call

Find Lisa:

SEGMENT 5: TIPS & TRICKS: Ash & Ed – 5 Livestreaming Tips

Segment 6: Q&A: 

  • How can zoom work with your setup?

Segment 7: Song – Vagabond Road (WW Original)

Find the recording here: Vagabond Road

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