Crimes Against Folk
Monsters, Selflessness, and You (Amber Woodhouse)

Segment 1: Greetings and chat

SEGMENT 2: Show ‘n Tell – Ed Photo

Ashley and Ed are sitting in a room with microphones, a drumset, and a piano. They are wearing haunting masks and posing as if performing.
Ash and Ed performing “Music Monster” for a music video at the Nashville Jazz Workshop

Watch the Music Monster music video:

SEGMENT 3: WW Vid – SFAS Liverpool:

Segment 4: Amber Woodhouse

  • Story
  • Live Call
    • Trigger Hippy!
    • How’s Nashville?
    • Your musical evolution

Find Amber:

SEGMENT 5: Instagram Tips


  • From Alice: Is it better to edit with Instagram tools or edit with your own picture tools before posting?

Segment 6: Song – Mannequin

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