PROs, Kitchens, And You (Rick And Laura Hall)
Crimes Against Folk Podcast

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Segment 1: Greetings and chat

Segment 2: Drive My Car – The Beatles Cover

SEGMENT 3: Show & Tell – Ed Photo

Ash getting ready for our live cooking show at Feast It Forward

Here’s our appearance on Feast It Forward:

SEGMENT 4: WW Video – Cold Dead Body (2018 Tiny Desk Contest Submission)

SEGMENT 5: Rick And Laura Hall

  • Pre-recorded Story
  • Intro: Rick & Laura have cast their net wide when it comes to their creative endeavors. They met when they both got hired at The Second City Chicago. Since then they have gotten married, had two children, and moved to L.A, where they continue to perform, teach and write, both separately and together. 
  • Live Call

Find Rick And Laura:


  1. The Anchor – WW Original
  2. What I Knew – WW Original

SEGMENT 7: TIPS & TRICKS: Ed & Ash – Producing your own music Pt. 2: PROs and Music Publishing

Ash, what is songwriting?

  • How songwriters and artists get paid
    • Mechanical royalties
      • Interactive or physical (spotify, apple, amazon, CDs, vinyl)
      • Publishing Admins collect these royalties
    • Performance royalties
      • Usually non-interactive (radio, pandora/sirius, live performance)
      • PROs + SoundExchange collect these royalties
    • Sync Licensing “royalties”
      • Music in TV or Film
      • PROs have record of publishing and songwriter ownership
  • Publishing Shares vs Writer Shares (200%)
    • Song =/= Recording: How they’re different
      • Master (sound recording) vs composition
    • Why 200%?
  • What are PROs?
    • Who are the major ones in the US? (choose one!)
      • ASCAP
      • BMI
      • SESAC (invite only)
    • Other countries usually have one (SOCAN in Canada, GEMA in Germany)
  • Things to consider
    • Must register for sync placements
    • Venues may be a problem (cover songs)
    • Need a publishing admin alongside PROs for royalty collection (e.g. CDBaby and TuneCore help with this)

Segment 8: Q&A

Segment 9: Sunshine & Rainbows – WW Original


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