Segment 1: Greetings and chat –

Segment 2: Songs – Ghosts Of Germantown; Richard Corey (Simon and Garfunkel cover) –

Richard Corey has become one of my favorite songs to cover when we do our Scarborough show of Simon and Garfunkel’s music. There’s something very poignant about the whole thing, and the plight of the worker is still very relevant today.


SEGMENT 3: Show & Tell

Ash’s Photo –

Ash’s Picture – A Netherlands delicacy; bread, butter, and chocolate sprinkles for breakfast.

Ed’s Photo –

Ed’s Picture – Ashley at a small bistro in Bruges, Belgium

Our trip to get the Subaru and get back to England in one day was just absolutely bonkers; we made it work really well, but it was also great to be able to stop in a cool city like Bruges and relax for a moment. Ash was right, though; we were basically running on adrenaline at this point, having had an airplane flight from Seattle to Reykjavik to London, and then having to hop on a train and go to Brussels and then haul it all the way back to London in one day. This was a nice break.


SEGMENT 4: The Anchor; No Surprises –

SEGMENT 5: Guest Appearance – no guest this week


  • Dream Of Sleeping
  • Music Monster


SEGMENT 8: The Anchor Music Video –


SEGMENT 10: If You Need To, Keep Time On Me (Fleet Foxes cover) –

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